We are an FSA Approved CBD Company…..

The FSA Novel Foods Act

Recently, the Food Standards Agency has published a public list of CBD products that are pre-approved and will move on to the next stage of authorisation following the initial submission of Novel Food applications in 2020. We are happy to announce that the suppliers to the The British CBD Company are on the list. Meaning we are an FSA Approved CBD Company, giving you peace of mind that we are one of the most reliable CBD brands in the UK. 

Novel Foods Explained

If you use CBD Oil, then you may have already become aware of the Novel Food legislation. The purpose of this legislation is to regulate the CBD industry and ensure that customers who are looking for high-quality and safe CBD products have peace of mind. Novel foods are any foods that do not have a history of mass consumption prior to May 1997. Before it is determined if they are fit for sale, they must be evaluated and then authorised by the food safety regulator. 

Novel Foods and CBD

CBD was declared a novel food in January 2019. This meant that CBD companies then had to submit an application for all consumable CBD products before the deadline in 2021 in order for them to be able to continue trading. Since the industry is growing so rapidly, as we have seen with a steady increase in customers over the years at The British CBD Company, the FSA began a huge regulatory assessment of the industry as a whole. The purpose of this was to ensure that all CBD products abide by the same high standards and are safe for consumer consumption. 

Is The British CBD Company Compliant?

We can confirm that the suppliers to The British CBD Company have made it to the list of pre-approved CBD products. Meaning we are an FSA Approved CBD Company which allows us to progress through the final authorisation stage. Over eight hundred different CBD brands submitted applications for approval; however, only some of these made the cut. Here at The British CBD Company, we feel that this only serves to reinforce our core missions of quality and safety in all of our products. 

How Will This Impact The British CBD Company?

For us at The British CBD Company, the results mean that we are able to move forward with more confidence that we are a reputable and trustworthy source of CBD in the UK market. It has also provided us with opportunities to launch more new and exciting CBD products in the future. We are committed to delivering safe, pure, and high-quality CBD products to our loyal customers. 

How Will This Impact the Overall CBD Industry?

In terms of the wider CBD industry, the market is already huge and it’s only a matter of time before CBD is an everyday product in our homes. Since CBD has been launched on eBay, the industry is currently waiting for other marketplaces and social media platforms to reduce their restrictions on CBD advertising as companies like The British CBD Company earn approval from the FSA and the safety and application of CBD becomes better understood. 

Having gained pre-approval under the FSA Novel Foods Act, both new and existing customers of The British CBD Company can shop with even more confidence. 

We are an FSA Approved CBD Company.

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