CBD Lab Test Reports

Every batch of CBD oil we source is laboratory tested to see the exact CBD and THC content in the oil. Below, you will find lab reports regarding both the organic hemp plants used in making the CBD oil, alongside lab reports for the CBD oil itself. Cannabinoids are cannabis-derived molecules, contributing to the main health-benefiting properties found in CBD products.

These compounds incorporate well known examples of cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, or the lesser known CBC, CBG and even raw acid forms. Cannabinoid profiles are the most commonly offered report across all screenings, with said reports showcasing cannabinoid content levels found in each product. From these lab test results, you can determine:

  • Spectrum of a product, through observing the presence of measured cannabinoids.
  • Potency of a product, through observing concentration of measured cannabinoids (often as percent of weight or mg/mL).
  • If a product contains non-decarboxylated raw material, through observing the presence and ratios of acid forms to non-acid cannabinoid forms.

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