Proxy Travel Pack by Puff Co

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The Proxy Travel Pack organizes everything needed to consume into one portable container, making it easier than ever to consume on the go. The Travel Pack includes:

Silicone Backpack: Adds mobile storage for dual tools, with a flat-lay bottom.
Proxy Ball Cap: Adds directional airflow that provides a more consistent and vapor filled hit.
Proxy Carb Cap and Tether: Keeps your Oculus carb cap and oil securely where they belong.
Mouthpiece: Protects the glass tip and provides a sanitary means to share.

Available in Black and Desert colorways.

*Proxy base unit not included


The Puffco Proxy Travel Pack is the ultimate dabbers organizer for those on-the-go. The Puffco Proxy Travel Pack keeps all your necessary utensils neatly wrapped up in one super portable container, ensuring it is simpler than ever to consume on the go. The travel pack includes a: Silicone Heat resistant Backpack:

Which adds mobile storage for your Puffco dual tools or Proswabs. The Proxy Ball Cap: This enables 360-degree directional airflow that allows you to produce a more consistent and thick vapour-filled hit. 3D Chamber Jacket & Tether: Keeps your carb cap secure and keeps it safe from falls. Mouthpiece: Protects the glass tip and provides a sanitary means to share- although the hit is so good, it’s hard to imagine you’ll want to.


Available in black & desert.

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